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Daily QR #19

I found the password so here’s today’s QR

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Picture Guide of All ACNL Villager Houses


Hey guys, I was looking for villager exteriors and I came across this great list that has all the villager exteriors in New Leaf sorted by personality. Check it out if you’re looking to match houses in your town or if you have a color scheme!

link here

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✧ ・゚ : Pawnee : ・゚ ✧
da: 4600 ~ 4033 ~ 4252

i visited the town of pawnee today! i absolutely looove the use of patterns around the town! the creativity makes me super envious!!! my favorite thing was all the apple trees outside of apple’s house n 3 n that’s such a cute idea! it was so fun running around! i also snuck a smooch from shep hehe * u *

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the dreamy town of Sakura ✿ 4600-3722-4754

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May 31 - Across the sea


May 31 - Across the sea

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Go make a wish in Sweet!

Thank you so much for visiting! 

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New tag & compilation 2.5!

Tag your posts with #acnl bingo to let people know what numbers your Snowman is displaying in your town and track the tag to see when other players have a snowman whose digits match your bingo card!

Tips for posts:

  • Include the date, time and time zone in your post to let others know how current it is.
  • Include your FC in the post and keep your ask box so people can respond with theirs.


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I tried my best to figure out what colours matched best. Some of them I couldn’t find an exact match for. Some skin tones share colours with another skin tone because the difference was so small that nothing else would match better.

The ones with two colours selected need to have the colours alternated in a checkerboard pattern like this:

Also note to people who spend hours on the island trying to get a tan:
I only spent 15 minutes on the island each day to get it to go up a tan level, and the needed time may even be less than that. You don’t need to waste hours of play time standing around. You only go up one tan level a day, so you won’t notice much change for the first 2-3 days.

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Interlocking brickwalk pieces in ALL the colors! Have dark versions too but will post tomorrow. =]

By me!

Also, what is that a new look? Why yes I am quite proud of the kitty face me thing! xD

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I’ve had a couple of people ask about my path so here you go! The darker one is the one in my screenshots, but I’ve changed it since then so I thought I’d post both of them so people can choose the one they prefer. If anyone would like it in a different colour just ask and I’ll try my best!

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