City of Poenari


New dress! Garden skirt with cord top and brown jacket. Feel free to request something similar!

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Dezain No Aru Kurashi: Tobidase Dobutsu No Mori. Japan: Enterbrain, 2013. Print.

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mtgacnl asked,
Why do you have ores in your re-tail?



That is actually my fiance’s re-tail, but I do it too!

Villagers happily pay 7,999 bells for any gem type, and 9,999 for each metal! (Though we prefer to use gold ore, two full golden furniture sets and then some are in our posession now.)

Villagers don’t display ore so it’s a great way to make a bit of money without ruining their houses.

Never knew this so signal boosting, this will really help!

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uh please dont make fun of me ;A;

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11 Draw an NPC - Pascal

must be nice to just chill all day


11 Draw an NPC - Pascal

must be nice to just chill all day

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Friendly reminder that when you visit a town via Dream Suite and you tell Luna that you didn’t really have a good time that it brings that town’s overall rating down and that town could be removed from the Dream Suite database, which isn’t fair if people are just telling Luna that the town was unpleasant just to say it

So please tell Luna that you didn’t have a good experience ONLY after you have visited a town that has TRULY offensive or explicit content!

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